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Senior Computer Class

Pricing Plan

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Choose your pricing plan

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  • QASP-S

    Full payment with $2000 discount | 全额付款可享$2000课程折扣优惠
    • Four Classes 170 hours
    • 课程4节 共170小时
  • QASP-S Payment Plan

    Every month
    Three Monthly Payments | 3个月课程分期付款(每月只需$11999)
    Valid for 3 months
    • Four Classes 170 hours
    • 课程4节 共170小时
  • QBA

    Full payment with $2000 discount | 全额付款可享$2000课程折扣优惠
    • Six Classes 280 hours
    • 课程6节 共280小时
  • QBA Payment Plan

    Every month
    Three Monthly Payments | 3个月课程分期付款(每月只需$16666)
    Valid for 3 months
    • Six Classes 280 Hours
    • 课程6节 共280小时

Refund Policy (Approved Coursework Provider) 

Knowledge Network HK Limited will refund your full tuition payment if a refund is requested before the attendance of the first class in either QASP-S or QBA Credential courses. After the first class is attended no refunds are offered. If, for whatever reason, a student cannot continue in the course, he/she may suspend their enrolment in the classes temporarily by sending a notice in writing or e-mail to the course instructor. If a student is dismissed from the program for plagiarism, stealing/sharing materials with non-enrolled students, or for inappropriate behavior or any other reason deemed necessary according to the instructor, no refund will be given to the student. 


This policy is subject to rules and regulations from the QABA and HKSAR

Payment Methods

Please choose a payment method:

1. WeChat

2. Alipay

3. Credit Card   

4. HSBC Hong Kong Bank Branch or electronically

    Knowledge Network HK Limited

    HSBC Business Account #040-201832-838
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